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all our life we always fight to stay on time if you are late even on moment its like youve committed a great crime They always wanted you to live like they say If you chose to go one another direction they push you away. Your life is never good enough in there eyes They dont know how much with every word you just die inside Your life is not yours alone to live But can you really call it living when all you do is give You give to your family You hope that makes them happy But in the end they still hate you There is nothing you can really do IF im never going to be good enough in your eyes There is one way out but dont worry i dont expect you to cry. Because i wasnt the child you wanted at all You had others thats lives where more important so who cares if i fall I die a little inside each day I really have nothing that i can say All i needed was once for you to say i was enough But you couldnt because for you that would be to tough I just wanted you to love me the same as them But you never will because of how i am Im not happy like them i dont act like them i am just me And thats what you cant accept and why you cant just let me be Ive been seeking your love and approval but that could never happen. why would you love someone everyone knows was an accident So this is it its now or never I just wish this last time i could sleep forever.

2020-09-03 01:42

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